Tuesday, 16 November 2010

HOW TO STOP YOUR MAN FROM CHEATING: The Very Weird but Very Workable Way

Any man can cheat for any reason – you can even find those who do it just for fun; but for most men; cheating on their spouse is a game – a game of wits, smartness and a tussle of freedom…then you have those that are just being stupid! Now gals, you are most-def going to learn the how from this piece – it is not every day you get to read stuffs like this from a former chronic cheat, who at a point was a spouse to a devoted woman and yet had dozens of women to make out with!

This piece is more like a testimony than it is a self-help article but by the time you are through with it, you must have learnt some of the world’s most guided secrets of proactive seduction and vengeful persuasion. Now you don’t have to believe any of my recommendations; just try them out, after all: if they fail, your guy still remains a cheat (no offense intended) – at least you got a chance.

But let me warn you and probably help you with a resolution I stumbled upon on the internet: “the truth is that there is really nothing you can do to stop your man from cheating. No matter how much you fret or check up on him, if a man wants to cheat, he will”. Now I guess you are wondering, ‘so, why the title; a hype?’ Not really; what most women do is to tell (and they usually have so many ways of doing this) their men to stop cheating on them. This hardly helps matters for these guys just go on and do the opposite! So the tips in this article are a little out of the ordinary but they worked against me; not only am I now devoted to my woman, I’m working towards helping women like you curb guys like the former me.

The first thing you need to do is: let your man know you are aware he is cheating on you; and that you can’t waste a puff for that. The urge to cheat is promoted by deception and the desire to deceive; when he knows you know and don’t mind, he can only last a while as a cheat. Especially when he can’t figure out what is cooking up in your mind. Some guys, at this point, will start thinking you are even into the game with them and the fear of the unknown will eventually freak them out and into paying more attention to; and guide you more closely. But hey, you need to see the red button on this: If he thinks rather that you are just being weak or scared of opposing him; then you have yourself a situation. You must convince him you don’t really care; both for what he is doing and for what he thinks about your indifference.

The next tip is a little bit weird. I say: if you know his fields, go there and plant mines that will discourage his team mates from running around with him. For instance; if he sleeps around with women at his place of work; plant a rumour in his block that he is HIV positive or has some very scary STDs. Make sure he can’t trace this rumour to you, then sit back and watch; in fact people around will start pitying you and his mates will fly for their lives. You can also get contract seductress to lure him, and scare the hell out of his life. She can blackmail him against someone he fears, or another who respects him or even an institution he might be scared to show that aspect of his life to. When all this gets on his nerves he will run to you and hold on; as you are supposedly the only woman who can protect him. Be glad to welcome him like a prodigal son!

Now you know he is a cheat; the next thing is for you to find out why he is cheating on you. Are you denying him something; or is he just insatiable? Are his friends responsible for this? Could you tell if he had always been like that – may be you knew but decided to manage him, hoping you will change him? Is he trying to get your attention; or is he drowning in the much you are providing? Or worst still is he just a perpetual cheat…an uncommitted brute? Whatever; when you find out why, stop everything you are doing that had encouraged or is encouraging his habit.