Tuesday, 17 November 2009

How to seduce any girl in a jiffy - Simple things that can get her hooked up instantly

You can seduce any girl with little or no effort. The idea is to do things that will provoke her desire to have you and make her see the Mr. Right figure in you. I will show you simple things you can do to hook your dream girl.

1. Always appear appealing, unique and simple
Your appearance, including the way you are dressed and your charisma, speaks volumes of the kind of man you are. Girls love guys that pay attention to details in their attire. Most girls know that men like that do have special ways of doing other things including taking care of a woman and making love. A simple appearance could mean an easy-going person and this attribute can get most girls interested in you instantly.

2. Wear a calm and harmless countenance always- make her take you for a baby
Women want to believe you can be their baby- in fact most black women, for instance, call their “Man” “Baby”. Babies are known to be calm, harmless and even innocent. If a woman senses this attributes in you she will want to own you. Have you observed that girls normally like children a lot? They do this because they are always looking for whom to take care of. Let them know they can take care of you.

3. Speak to her eyes
Nothing freaks the girls most than what they see when they look into your eyes. When you are with a girl, you intend to seduce, maintain eye contacts with her but make sure you are saying something very romantic and passionate in your mind. Look into her eyes, think of how beautiful she is, imagine what she will look like in your arms, and visualize all the good that come with having her. Honestly; she will get the message- they just know how decipher such codes.

4. Offer a sincere hand of friendship
Most Guys are too conscious of sex and this is where they get it wrong. They want to meet a girl today, take her home tomorrow and make love to her the following day. Nobody wants to build a genuine friendship and see what comes up next. This puts off most girls- except the fun seekers though! So, when she senses you are different and mean well, she will open up to you. You can do this by approaching her honestly to either ask for something, pay a compliment, or gist her up, if she is in for that.

5. Talk naturally and if you can, with some humor
No need to change the way you sound; just try to be audible and clear. You need to be yourself. Pretence is a major put off for the girls; once they sense it you, they just lock up. Also, show some good sense of humor. You need to free her up as soon as you can, so she can stop talking to you as a stranger. Laugh at her jokes and make her see how good she is with conversation.

6. Use the right cologne
Science has proved that the sense of smell has a strong link with our perception of what is attractive or sexually stimulating. You can seduce most women by just smelling right, there are some perfumes and deodorants designed to help you do that. I stumbled into one of such products recently and it is available in my blog.

7. Listen attentively when she talks
Nothing tells a woman you respect and recognize the female folks better than listening attentively to them. This is a major turn-on for most girls. They are used to men, who only tell them what they think and would not care how they feel. So when they meet guys like you they want to know what makes you different- this is the hook.

8. Show her you are interested in her
If you talk to a woman in terms of her interest, she is more likely to believe you are caring. Enough of blabbing about what you have and how you can change her life; let her see you are interested in what happens around her. Ask her to tell you about herself; what she does, where she is from, her dreams, aspirations, fears, setbacks etc. If you do this smartly, she will open up to and know that you are kind.

9. Use creative ways to tell her some beautiful things about her
An honest compliment creatively delivered can sweep any woman off her feet into your arms. A woman wants to be told; she looks good, smells nice, or dresses great. Women love compliments so much that it lingers in their minds days after they receive them. They spend so much time to appear the way they do and so want to know it was not a waste of time. However, they could go haywire if you deliver your compliments creatively. For instance if you think her head scarf was done exceptionally beautiful don’t just say it, you can say something like “it is lovely looking at the way you did your scarf, if I was your man, I wouldn’t mind how much time you spend at the mirror”.

10. Set up an unforgettable parting-plan
You need to make your parting with her worthy of remembrance. Don’t just stand up and say “bye” or “see you some other time”. Depending on how close you were able to get, you can offer her a passionate hug, give a light peck; cheek to cheek or lips to cheek, or even ask her hand for a kiss.

In all you need to aim at making your meeting with her worth the time. Let it show in everything you do!

Why No Man Comes For You - Visible Things a Woman Does That Scare the Guys Away

The reasons why you don't have men coming for you are not too far from how you behave and the signals you give when they are around you. These might be the reason why you are still single today but if you want to give yourself a chance consider this article.

First, Men won't come for you if you think they are a nuisance
A lady who thinks men are just another torn in the flesh will unconsciously put up an unwelcoming countenance when she comes around the guys. Guys find it difficult to create chances with such ladies so they shy away to avoid the embarrassment.

Second, Men won't come for you if you are the abusive type
Every Man has pride and a big ego to deal with. No Guy will want to be insulted for trying to express their feelings. However, some can take the risk of approaching you when there are less people around; they will not go further if they sense any threat to their ego.

Third, Men won't come for you if you appear more expensive than they do
Except for certain men with other interests, most men will rather go for a woman they know they can take care of- not the other way round. Expensive cars, cloths and jewelries scare some men and make others feel so inferior.

Fourth, Men won't come for you if you have the wrong friends
Most men know that wrong friends can make their dream woman reject them. They understand that women find it easy to confide in their best friends. So once their friends rule them out, they know they are definitely losing out. Men like women with simple, social and free-minded friends.

Fifth, Men won't come for if you are not approachable
Many women lose out here. They make it very difficult for the men to chat them up or have a conversation with them. They get so blunt, arrogant and impatient that most times they miss the right guys.

Sixth, Men won't come for you if you don't look good
You don't have to have the Miss X looks. But it is important you look neat and simple when you go out there. I have met men who don't like sophisticated looks; they prefer the light, easy-beauty type of girls- I mean women with effortless beauty.

Seventh, Men won't come for you if you don't smell nice
Researches have shown that there is a connection between attraction and the human sense of smell. A very good-looking woman can turn a man off if she has an offensive body smell. On the other hand, you can seduce most men with just smelling dolly or just fine. Recently, a Perfume company took advantage of these findings and created a very seductive perfume that would twist the head of the opposite sex and keep it that way when you pass them.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How to Know if Your Man Loves You - Here Are Some Signs He Will Do Anything For You

Your man loves you;

1. If he respects you

It is difficult for a man to disrespect you if he loves you. Men who are in love don't neglect or abuse their lover.

2. If he is proud to show off with you

Men are creatures of pride. They take glory in showing off what they perceive as important and hold at high esteem. Don't be deceived if he says "I thought it might be too demanding asking you to join me in visiting my friends, parent...blah blah".

3. If he feels at home whenever he is with you

Men hardly give up their self. There is always that urge to hold back a part of them. So when your man feels very relax and back home around you, he probably has some plans for you both.

4. If he always tries to impress you

Guys are only good at putting up their best before they catch you. However, if they continue that way long after you have given them a chance then they love, or at least regard you highly.

5. If he is always excited to discuss your future together

The beauty of a future with you, for a man who truly loves you, can be very exciting to him. If he is passionate about his plans for both of you, it is more likely, he wants to be with you.

Though some time you might have a man who is not meeting up with the six, but that doesn't mean he is not in love with you. However, in summary, you can tell if your man still loves you through the way he treats you and feels whenever he is around you.

Simple Tips on Keeping Successful Relationships

My elder brother, Ken is one guy you will love to meet. Why? Simple: he understands the sensitivity of the human sense of importance and the desire to be appreciated. Yes! I have seen him around people; you just can't fathom his desire to make people happy and feel appreciated anytime they come around him. I have learnt, first hand, growing with him, that there are simple things you can do to make people glued to you- not because they become too dependent on you but because you help them bring out the best in them. This secret is what I will be exposing in this article.

1. Be patient with people:

One of the major causes of misunderstandings in relationships is impatience. Impatience denies you the opportunity to figure out why people do the things they do and how to prevent their actions from hurting your relationship with them. If you can discipline yourself to be patient with people, especially as it concerns their views and actions, you will come to see that people hardly mean bad.

When next you are tempted to rush into conclusions, try to calm your nerves for a while; you might see things from another better perspective. Once, I went back to school, unknowingly, with an important item of Ken's. I was so scared when I discovered it in school - I had asked him severally, in vain, to give me the item. So I presumed he must have concluded that it was an intentional act. There were no mobile phones then and visiting day was over a month away. Somehow, I got over the guilt but what baffled me most was that when I came back 3 months later; he welcomed me home and acted as if it never happened.

Consequently, I was compelled to discuss the issue with him. When I told him how I never intended to steal away with the item, he simply smiled and said he knew. According to him, "Larry, I decided to believe you couldn't have desired to hurt me and that there must be some form of explanations for what happened". I was shocked! But that is ken for you. You can borrow a leave from Ken, and let time sort out certain issues with people. You will be surprised the level of success you will record with people.

2. Create ease around you:

It is beautiful for people-even strangers- to feel free and welcomed around you. Ken told me that one of his strong success factors with relationships is that he "lends a hand of friendship the instant he meets people". How? He simply refuses to be too conscious of the impression he could make on anybody. This attitude made him easy going with people, so when people meet him they just "see through him- no barriers". "You need to cultivate a free mind to operate on this level", he says.

Persist on letting people have their way around you- make them feel at home with you. All it takes is to be keenly interested in them, even if you are just meeting them for the first time. Listen to what they have to say; their views and follow up on any conversation you have with them. Laugh at their jokes, pat their back- if necessary, make sincere compliments... and hail them when they deserve it. The problem is that people are too mechanical; they want everything to be formal at the first meeting. It will do a lot of good to be different.

3. Respect people:

People don't deserve to be respected only because they are older than or better placed than you alone. Also, they don't have to earn your respect. People are to be respected primarily because; they are humans with emotions, vision, desires... because they are people like you. The past century featured the greatest disrespect for live and nature; with all the wars and abuse of power. This has affected the relationship between nations of the world- everybody is just hanging on. You don't want this to happen in your relationship; I assure you. Even the elevator person on your way up the office and the beggar on the street deserve to be respected without any prejudice.

Disrespect is not something you can hide; it doesn't take long to know those who don't respect us and we are always feeling unfulfilled around them. Ken's secret of respecting people lies in his conviction that all people are created equal. Now, you don't have to believe that but you need to understand that your fellow humans deserve to be respected- especially if you want to enjoy a great network of friends.

4. Learn to be nice:

Nothing puts people off better than selfishness. When you hear people say "I like this guy, he is nice", know that the nice guy must have at least, given up his interest or something of value, once, for that of the observer. It is rare to meet a truly nice guy since it usually requires a great deal of selflessness but if you must be successful with people then you need to learn to be nice.

Ken's secret on this tip is simple: being patient with and interested in people helps him to be nice to them. According to him, it is easier to care for people when you can tolerate them. If you must be successful with people, you will have to accommodate their shortcomings and open your heart to respond to their problems.

5. Keep in touch

I have lost quite a number of relationships because of an unhealthy bridge in communication. The most painful was that of my university heart-throb; a six-month strike action separated us. We had tried to keep in touch earlier in the break, however, I was not filling up my own part of the equation and soon it appeared as though I was not interested. Before, the strike was called off the relationship had grown stale- I couldn't even help it when I tried. As someone who is interested in grooming successful relationship with people, you should always show them you need them around. Make calls, write, and visit, if you can. Don't just stay out long.

Thank God for the advancement in information communication, with social sites, chat, forums and blogs you can keep in touch with your loved ones and friend. You can even share pictures and videos over thousands of miles in a jiffy. Of recent, a friend of mine sent me a U-tube video of his child's naming ceremony; it took place in South Africa, I was in Nigeria; I felt among.

Honestly, it requires a great deal of sacrifice to groom a successful relationship, no matter its nature, but with some dedication and a keen desire, it can be achieved. It may also be time consuming but you must understand that it is important you have strings of successful relationships. An African adage has it that "He who have people is better than the man with money".

She Likes Me - Five Signs She's Interested

Most girls will do anything to avoid being regarded cheap; even if it means missing a guy they got to like at first sight. Some have perfected, over the years, the great skill of masking their true feelings for guys that come around them, fearing their feelings may give them away so cheaply. In fact, girls, most times, do not mean what they do or say, when they are around guys they may be interested in.

This makes it difficult for a dude to tell when there is a "green light" and that is why you can wait in vain hoping to figure out what message your next shut is trying to pass when you come around. However, there are some observations that can guide you to spot when it is more convenient and safer- if you like- to say "Hi!" or "Hello!" If you want to find these tips out and save yourself, some hassle read on.
More often than suspected a girl is interested in or likes you if:

1. She acts as if you don't exist when you are around her

My friend, girls are more conscious of anything entitled to an opinion around them, than you can ever realize. They are seriously interested in what you are thinking of them especially when you are just Ok. So, if they pretend not to notice you, it is very likely they are trying to impress you. Unfortunately, most of the girls don't know the attitude is a scarecrow for some well-intentioned guys- don't join the bandwagon; make a move before it's late.

Tips: Some girls are just rude, blank and indifferent; watch out. You will know the real thing if you are very observant.

2. Her body language gives her up

Some girls can't help catching a glimpse of a guy that has stricken a cord in them. Most times, they do it to see if he is looking their way especially when there are other beautiful girls around. According to EzineArticles expert Author, Derek Rake, "a girl who exchanges a 2-secs gaze with you has seen you and tagged you". If you are lucky to meet another gaze, then you must act fast or risk her thinking you are a spineless coward.

Tips: Don't read it wrong; not all gazes mean "you can come for me", some could mean "I hope you don't think you can have me".

3. She tries to be unnecessarily difficult with you

Guys are use to giving up when they should be changing gears in the wooing race- most of them assume it is safer that way. But, some tough girls will try to discourage or embarrass you to test your tolerance or confidence. Nobody wants to go out with a liverless chap! Unfortunately, some guys are programmed to bail-out with their tails between their legs, with the slightest threat of embarrassment- too bad. However, you need to show such girls that you are tough and wouldn't mind risking your reputation to get her. When you do this well, she will give up trying to scare you off and then you can have her ears.

Tips: Some places are not just worth getting embarrassed in except you are sure you can remain in control.

4. She is always showing up wherever you go

If you think, it is mere coincidence that you keep meeting a particular girl in every- "un-linkable"- place you go to, especially when it has not been long since you first met, then you better have a re-think. Come on!; she was there at your nieces naming ceremony last month, last week you met her at a friend's send forth, two days before you bumped into her at the shopping mall and just yesterday her boss sent her to your firm to sign some papers in your office. Where has she been since before you met her over a month ago? Girls can set up an opportunity to meet you if they want to- you will just think it was a coincidence. I tell you, I have had a couple of related experience; I must confess: I felt foolish when I realize it had been a game all the while.

Tips: Nothing is what it seems; people can't just be out of place for nothing. This one code has kept intelligence agencies and commissions in business all these years.

5. She gets jealous and paranoid when she finds you around the female folks

Don't feel too bad when a girl gets offensive and tries to ridicule you amongst her friends, especially when she finds you around other girls. She could even go as far as making you uncomfortable and irritated but just keep your head. I have seen many relationships that started out that way. The girl in question might just be craving for your attention and she could condemn you publicly to reduce the competition for you. This is very common with college girls. Honestly, girls find it very difficult to conceal their jealousy and most time they are helpless; some become paranoid- all to get the least recognition from you.

Tips: Girls beware of a friend who condemns your boyfriend- she might be gunning for your throne!

Happy Love life!