Monday, 29 April 2013

What To DO When He is Taking Too Long To Propose

Do you want to know what to do about your man who is taking too long to propose marriage? Have you been dating for so long you even wonder sometimes whether the experience will be different from actually getting married? You look up to every special day hoping he will pop the question and place that diamond-studded ring around your finger, but special days just pass by and you are still very much single. Well here is some good news for you: in a few minutes I will not promise that you will be able to get him to propose, but I can assure you that you will know exactly what to do to make him consider proposing to you a top priority.

1. Make marriage his next big goal

Men are driven by the desire to achieve something - anything - that feels right. Most matured single men remain single because there are goals they are yet to achieve that seems far more important than marriage. It could be wealth, self-realisation, fame, education, status, good looks, loads of girlfriends, etc. As long as that goal remains the top priority, they will remain distracted and find it very hard to consider 'settling down'. So your job here is to gradually make marriage his goal. Take him to visit your happily married mutual friends, invite him for couples' programme at your place of worship, visit amusement parks where you have a lot of parents and children catching fun, invite him to as much wedding as you can - just do anything to give him a picture of what both of you are missing staying single.

2. Make sure he understands that marrying you will be less bondage than he fears

You can achieve this by trying not to hold on to him too much. Men like to be free. Sometimes, it is the fear of being held and controlled by one woman that scares many men away from marriage. Your man should see you as a woman he can marry and still enjoy sufficient freedom. Don't fall into the temptation of trying to make him a better man by blackmailing him out of doing everything that is bad that he has been doing before you came. Don't cut him off from his bad friends - they have been their always and they have shared his good and bad moments with him. Don't try to keep him away from his family - especially his mom and sisters - they were his first love. Make sure your coming around doesn't come with a drastic twist of his freedom to relate with others or do the things he enjoys doing. Yes you might be doing it for his safety, but most times men prefer you fight for their happiness and not their safety - usually, they know how to protect themselves.

3. Try to build a consistent good nature

One thing that almost every guy is scared of, is getting married to a strange woman. There have been stories about good-girl-gone-bad after marriage. Some men go as far as testing their woman using several tools and methods to find out if they are steady or shaky (women do this too - more than men am sure). So I will advise that while you worry why he is not popping the question, work on building a stable and desirable nature.

4. Make your presence home to him

Men are as free as birds, yet while they hover around the sky they remain conscious of the location of their nest. One thing I can assure is that if you make yourself a home to your man, he will want to spend all his days around you. So you have to aim for attitudes that can make you homely, happy and hopeful. Make him happy every time he comes around you. Inspire him with hope for a brighter future by the peaceful life you live. Make your presence feel like home to him. Assure him by your unconscious actions that your presence will always be a home to him.

5. Keep reminding him that you are proud of him

The problem with some women is that they always want to remind their man of how much he still needs to do to impress them. However, it is important to reduce the scale of what impresses you for your man and to avoid holding unto thoughts of comparisons with more successful guys talk more of voicing such thoughts. Find something good about anything he has or is into, and make sure you let him know you are proud of that. He could be waiting to be able to impress you and your family before he can ask for your hand in marriage! For all I know, that could take years and both of you are not getting any younger. So sometimes, it helps to lower your expectation and be truly proud of the man you have. He must sense that you know he is good enough for you.

This will do for now. Remember practice is what brings result and not knowledge. I hope this article has helped you. Please tell me if it has or say something in the comment box to teach others.

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