Wednesday, 7 July 2010

What Women want: Find this out and rule your world

Two nights ago in a snooker club, while on a blackball-chase with Jumoke, my snooker-freak friend, she told me she is a tripper for pointed-nosed and bright-eyes guys and wouldn’t mind if they haven’t got any other thing to flaunt. “Larry, you see, I don’t mind if they are physically built or not, especially if he is free-minded”, she said taking a cushion shot. It was all about the guy that played before we did; he was her perfect man. As we drove back home that night, after she whopped me on 4-balls, I wondered what women really wanted. Especially when I had met women who are ready to go to the ends of the world with you even if you as broke as the proverbial church rat. Then it is quite common to find others who wouldn’t return a smile if it is not coming from your jaw-dropping-cost blings or if your car wouldn’t stir a “look at that!” Then you have my fiancĂ©e who would go crazy if I don’t get her a stalk of rose on my way home any day, even if I tried to bribe her with a bottle of her best Champaign; and my Sister-in-law has an obsession for a listening ear. It all makes me wonder what women really wanted. Is there a single-all-inclusive want for every woman? You would ask, if you were me. Yes? No? Well not now, just read on. Let me first say that the heart of a woman is deep, unstable, hence, very unpredictable; however, every woman you see around can’t deny she needs certain things.

The foremost need of most women is “attention” and if you meet this need, she will be spell-bound to you. A natural woman could do anything to get the attention of her man, when she really needs it. It is an important need because, to her, it is a measure of her worth in his eyes; she wants his world to revolve around her. It is one need she can never get satisfied of; in fact, the urge increases with time- so long as she is in love with you. This doesn’t really means she would want you around her all the time, but when you are not there, she needs to be assured she is hung around your neck where ever you go. She wants to know you are always there; and that you can expend your time on her.

Most women need their man to treat them like his a goddess; they want him to revere them and show them top-notch devotion and they will mind for anything less. I am not saying that women have domineering tendencies; but in as much as they can’t have you to themselves, they want you to show them you understand that they own you. You must have observed that a woman might condone it when you cheat on her but will find it difficult to stay with you if you make her feel you have the right to have any other woman beside her. This is because such position hurts their pride but they can live with your unfaithfulness if they know you still recognise the superiority of ownership they have over you.

I have hardly met any woman who don’t crave for her man’s respect; especially African and Asian ones. To most women, respect seats at the top of their ‘what women wants’ list. There is always that recognition of self-worth in every woman; except off course, she had traded hers to satisfy other ‘pressing’ needs. When a man respects his woman, he gives her a second thought each time his bubbles burst. For most women, respect is an important word in the language of love; so if you don’t respect them they, probably, aren’t flowing with whatever you are saying.

Then you have the controversial SEX. Yes! S.E.X; most women will give anything to get satisfactory sex from their lover. Though some are shy to accept this, they know it is the truth. Good sex creates a strong sense of fulfilment and self-discovery when it is shared with a special person. When she says ‘he makes me feel like a woman’; watch out, she might just be passing a message. I have seen so many marriages crash because somebody was ignorant of this simple truth about his woman; or probably was aware but decided to ignore it. In fact, researches have shown that why most women trip for the machos is because of the unspoken promise of good sex; for such women the bigger the better. Anyway I must say that this particular need is strictly ‘bi-sexual’.

Another quite insatiable need of a woman is comfort. Every woman will go for a man who could make her comfortable all things being equal. This would mean that a woman will love it if her man can make her physically relaxed by providing her basic needs without having to put her through avoidable stress or pain. In Igbo land a woman will submit to you as a wife if she notices that you can provide for her; give her a roof over her head, feed her and her children, cloth her and meet most of her numerous (in fact countless) needs.

This brings me to another need that is infused into that of comfort; women wants protection and security. No woman wants to be stranded in life; theirs’ is an obsession. A woman likes to be sure of whatever she is going into. She also needs a man that can convince her that he knows where he is taking them to and even if things go wrong he will always be in charge. Besides, she wants to be sure that someone has got her back and that her man can protect her from anything; even those things she is sure is naturally above her.

The list continues; you can’t have all of them now. But with the above listed needs you are good to go. However, watch out for others on my lovebirdsguide blogger site. But let mention that the basic needs of a woman isn’t the only thing to bother about; you also need to find out when they need them. It is important you know these because a great percentage of what determines your success in this phase of life could be tied around your success with the female folks. You can do some researches to verify this.

Good luck and fly high always!

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