Monday, 18 October 2010

Why I called It Quit with Debie, My Fiancee

Sometimes it is difficult to let go someone you love but what if you had enough reasons to? Or what if someone thinks you don't, after you did? Read this short story and tell lovebirdsguide what you think.

Debie was everything I could ever ask for in a woman. But that was what I thought few years ago when we met in U/rimi Kaduna. It was at a friend’s book launch. It wasn’t long before our relationship steamed up. We had all the good times couples with our means could afford, but little did I know that it was all going to end so soon. For starters, I am the commitment-type of guy and I respect relationships a lot.

I thought that attitude would keep us flying, since she was also in for the relationship (or so I thought). We got down to real business months later when I told her I wanted to settle down and raise a family with her. A couple of weeks before I engaged her I discovered she had taken in even though we hadn’t seen each other in a long while.

When I asked her how she got the ‘life’ forming in her stomach, she told me she was raped two months before. I was shocked! She hadn’t told me of the incidence before then and I thought that was very unusual; we always shared our bad and good. However, I tried to excuse her silence on her unstable mind. She told me it happened while she was in school and that the boys were cultists. I was sad and guilty. She must have gone through hell. I kept biting my conscience especially when I didn’t share her pains with her. So we decided on what to do – we agreed to keep the baby but not until she had ran some tests.

Life continued as usual until one very sad day. I woke up happy and feeling good; she was about 6 weeks pregnant. I never knew the day was going to be a nightmare. When I got a call from a colleague at work, who had just been promoted, to attend his emergency thanksgiving party I looked forward to a happier day. The party was to hold in his family house very close to the Obalande slum – a popular hangout for sex workers in Kaduna.

That evening, I drove with Kelechi – my club mate – to the venue. On our way there we decided it was going to be a good idea to stop close by for a drink. We got to a bar, just adjacent the obalande main street and that was when I saw a sight I still can’t believe wasn’t a dream. My honey and fiancĂ©e-in-wait was hovering over a small but rich-looking Alhaji. The world and even the gulp of cold Heineken flowing down my throat stood still. I spitted some drink and pointed towards her like a child who just saw a ghost.

“KC...KC”, I called looking for the right word.

“What’s that; why did you spit out your drink like that?” He asked embarrassed. I didn’t have to answer that as he followed my fingers and as his eyes settled on the target; he dropped his glass so had the owner of the bar had to shout
“Make una no Break my cup oh!”

“Williams, isn’t that your FiancĂ©e?” It was his turn to shout.

I didn’t have an answer to his question; I stood up and walked towards the two. My honey was three-quarter necked and she clang to the Alhaji as though if he left her for her peers, she would drop dead that night.

KC called on me to come back, but that was what I thought he was saying; I couldn’t even hear the flow of my breath. I didn’t even know what I was going to do when I met the two. Few steps before them, she turned and the fear in her eyes was in itself scary.
“Baby!” She shouted.

“Baby!!” I was just walking towards her and before she shouted my pet-name the third time, she fainted. The Alhaji slipped into his Xj jaguar and zoomed off. I rushed to pick her up; as I held her in my arms I knew it would be the last time to feel her soft skin. KC came to join me and we drove her back to my apartment. She was ok before we got home but we couldn’t discuss the shock. I woke up the next morning and that was when I knew it was never going to work between us. I called off the engagement; I called it quit.

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