Tuesday, 10 November 2009

How to Know if Your Man Loves You - Here Are Some Signs He Will Do Anything For You

Your man loves you;

1. If he respects you

It is difficult for a man to disrespect you if he loves you. Men who are in love don't neglect or abuse their lover.

2. If he is proud to show off with you

Men are creatures of pride. They take glory in showing off what they perceive as important and hold at high esteem. Don't be deceived if he says "I thought it might be too demanding asking you to join me in visiting my friends, parent...blah blah".

3. If he feels at home whenever he is with you

Men hardly give up their self. There is always that urge to hold back a part of them. So when your man feels very relax and back home around you, he probably has some plans for you both.

4. If he always tries to impress you

Guys are only good at putting up their best before they catch you. However, if they continue that way long after you have given them a chance then they love, or at least regard you highly.

5. If he is always excited to discuss your future together

The beauty of a future with you, for a man who truly loves you, can be very exciting to him. If he is passionate about his plans for both of you, it is more likely, he wants to be with you.

Though some time you might have a man who is not meeting up with the six, but that doesn't mean he is not in love with you. However, in summary, you can tell if your man still loves you through the way he treats you and feels whenever he is around you.

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