Tuesday, 17 November 2009

How to seduce any girl in a jiffy - Simple things that can get her hooked up instantly

You can seduce any girl with little or no effort. The idea is to do things that will provoke her desire to have you and make her see the Mr. Right figure in you. I will show you simple things you can do to hook your dream girl.

1. Always appear appealing, unique and simple
Your appearance, including the way you are dressed and your charisma, speaks volumes of the kind of man you are. Girls love guys that pay attention to details in their attire. Most girls know that men like that do have special ways of doing other things including taking care of a woman and making love. A simple appearance could mean an easy-going person and this attribute can get most girls interested in you instantly.

2. Wear a calm and harmless countenance always- make her take you for a baby
Women want to believe you can be their baby- in fact most black women, for instance, call their “Man” “Baby”. Babies are known to be calm, harmless and even innocent. If a woman senses this attributes in you she will want to own you. Have you observed that girls normally like children a lot? They do this because they are always looking for whom to take care of. Let them know they can take care of you.

3. Speak to her eyes
Nothing freaks the girls most than what they see when they look into your eyes. When you are with a girl, you intend to seduce, maintain eye contacts with her but make sure you are saying something very romantic and passionate in your mind. Look into her eyes, think of how beautiful she is, imagine what she will look like in your arms, and visualize all the good that come with having her. Honestly; she will get the message- they just know how decipher such codes.

4. Offer a sincere hand of friendship
Most Guys are too conscious of sex and this is where they get it wrong. They want to meet a girl today, take her home tomorrow and make love to her the following day. Nobody wants to build a genuine friendship and see what comes up next. This puts off most girls- except the fun seekers though! So, when she senses you are different and mean well, she will open up to you. You can do this by approaching her honestly to either ask for something, pay a compliment, or gist her up, if she is in for that.

5. Talk naturally and if you can, with some humor
No need to change the way you sound; just try to be audible and clear. You need to be yourself. Pretence is a major put off for the girls; once they sense it you, they just lock up. Also, show some good sense of humor. You need to free her up as soon as you can, so she can stop talking to you as a stranger. Laugh at her jokes and make her see how good she is with conversation.

6. Use the right cologne
Science has proved that the sense of smell has a strong link with our perception of what is attractive or sexually stimulating. You can seduce most women by just smelling right, there are some perfumes and deodorants designed to help you do that. I stumbled into one of such products recently and it is available in my blog.

7. Listen attentively when she talks
Nothing tells a woman you respect and recognize the female folks better than listening attentively to them. This is a major turn-on for most girls. They are used to men, who only tell them what they think and would not care how they feel. So when they meet guys like you they want to know what makes you different- this is the hook.

8. Show her you are interested in her
If you talk to a woman in terms of her interest, she is more likely to believe you are caring. Enough of blabbing about what you have and how you can change her life; let her see you are interested in what happens around her. Ask her to tell you about herself; what she does, where she is from, her dreams, aspirations, fears, setbacks etc. If you do this smartly, she will open up to and know that you are kind.

9. Use creative ways to tell her some beautiful things about her
An honest compliment creatively delivered can sweep any woman off her feet into your arms. A woman wants to be told; she looks good, smells nice, or dresses great. Women love compliments so much that it lingers in their minds days after they receive them. They spend so much time to appear the way they do and so want to know it was not a waste of time. However, they could go haywire if you deliver your compliments creatively. For instance if you think her head scarf was done exceptionally beautiful don’t just say it, you can say something like “it is lovely looking at the way you did your scarf, if I was your man, I wouldn’t mind how much time you spend at the mirror”.

10. Set up an unforgettable parting-plan
You need to make your parting with her worthy of remembrance. Don’t just stand up and say “bye” or “see you some other time”. Depending on how close you were able to get, you can offer her a passionate hug, give a light peck; cheek to cheek or lips to cheek, or even ask her hand for a kiss.

In all you need to aim at making your meeting with her worth the time. Let it show in everything you do!