Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Why No Man Comes For You - Visible Things a Woman Does That Scare the Guys Away

The reasons why you don't have men coming for you are not too far from how you behave and the signals you give when they are around you. These might be the reason why you are still single today but if you want to give yourself a chance consider this article.

First, Men won't come for you if you think they are a nuisance
A lady who thinks men are just another torn in the flesh will unconsciously put up an unwelcoming countenance when she comes around the guys. Guys find it difficult to create chances with such ladies so they shy away to avoid the embarrassment.

Second, Men won't come for you if you are the abusive type
Every Man has pride and a big ego to deal with. No Guy will want to be insulted for trying to express their feelings. However, some can take the risk of approaching you when there are less people around; they will not go further if they sense any threat to their ego.

Third, Men won't come for you if you appear more expensive than they do
Except for certain men with other interests, most men will rather go for a woman they know they can take care of- not the other way round. Expensive cars, cloths and jewelries scare some men and make others feel so inferior.

Fourth, Men won't come for you if you have the wrong friends
Most men know that wrong friends can make their dream woman reject them. They understand that women find it easy to confide in their best friends. So once their friends rule them out, they know they are definitely losing out. Men like women with simple, social and free-minded friends.

Fifth, Men won't come for if you are not approachable
Many women lose out here. They make it very difficult for the men to chat them up or have a conversation with them. They get so blunt, arrogant and impatient that most times they miss the right guys.

Sixth, Men won't come for you if you don't look good
You don't have to have the Miss X looks. But it is important you look neat and simple when you go out there. I have met men who don't like sophisticated looks; they prefer the light, easy-beauty type of girls- I mean women with effortless beauty.

Seventh, Men won't come for you if you don't smell nice
Researches have shown that there is a connection between attraction and the human sense of smell. A very good-looking woman can turn a man off if she has an offensive body smell. On the other hand, you can seduce most men with just smelling dolly or just fine. Recently, a Perfume company took advantage of these findings and created a very seductive perfume that would twist the head of the opposite sex and keep it that way when you pass them.

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